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Falls often result in no more than some embarrassment and a minor scrape or scratch. However, some falls can lead to significant injuries with severe consequences. Although property owners must take reasonable care to keep their premises safe for visitors, they often fail to maintain their land.

If you fell because of negligently maintained premises, a skilled personal injury attorney could help you claim compensation from the property owner. A Modesto slip and fall lawyer could review your case and devise a strategy to help you file a successful claim. Schedule your FREE initial case evaluation by calling our 24/7 available team members at (855) 698-1508 to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

Rely on a Modesto Attorney to Handle Your Slip and Fall Claim

If a fall caused you a significant injury that required medical treatment or caused you to miss work, you could hold the landowner liable for your damages. You could receive compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A Modesto slip and fall lawyer could help you build a strong case. Speak to an experienced attorney today.

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What Are Potential Defenses to Slip and Fall Claims?

Although a property owner has a duty to keep guests out of harm’s way, California Civil Code §1714(a) requires a visitor to be cautious when on another person’s land. In some cases, responsible parties and their insurance companies question an injured person’s lack of care as a defense to a slip and fall claim.

For example, if a dangerous condition was apparent, a landowner might argue that the injured person should have seen the hazard and avoided it. Similarly, if a property owner notified someone about the risk and ignored the warning, the guest could be partially responsible for their injuries.

If an injured person’s conduct contributed to their accident, they may still be able to collect damages. However, the amount they collect will be reduced by their percentage of responsibility. A diligent lawyer in Modesto could preserve an injured person’s right to maximum damages by presenting evidence showing that their conduct contributed little to their fall.


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