Los Angeles Citizens Fight for Safer Driving Conditions

KTLA 5 News published an informative story a few days ago about families of traffic accident victims. On Sunday, families of traffic accident victims who have lost their lives, and surviving victims of auto accidents, rallied in Los Angeles. Their cause, fighting for safer driving conditions and safer roads. According to Curbed Los Angeles, at least 236 people were killed in car crashes in 2019 alone. More than half were simply walking when struck by a vehicle. In fact, it’s said that auto accident fatalities are the 4th leading cause of premature death in Los Angeles County. If you and your family have lost a loved one in an auto accident, call us now.

Today, we’re going to talk about your potential legal options after an auto accident. We will also touch on some reasons why you may want to retain an attorney after a crash. As always, please remember that our website does not provide legal advice. If you do wish to speak to an injury lawyer, click here now and fill out our quick contact form. Auto accidents happen. When they do, you may be stuck with large medical expenses. Even worse, if you’re too hurt to work, you may not be able to pay your bills.

Let’s take a minute to discuss some things you may want to consider after an accident.

Seek Medical Attention

First and foremost, we urge every accident victim to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Once again, we do not provide legal, nor medical advice. However, as accident injury attorneys, we’ve seen insurance companies do some very unscrupulous things to avoid paying out on an insurance claim. One of the worst things we face is when the insurance company tries to flat out deny that the victim was injured. See, if you do not go to the doctor or emergency room RIGHT after a crash, you may not be able to document or link the injuries to the accident in question. This gives an insurance company a loophole to exploit.

Insurance companies love to “play games” in our opinion. It makes sense, insurance firms take the money we pay for our monthly premiums, and they invest it. That’s how insurance companies make billions of dollars. On the other hand, insurance companies LOSE money when they pay out on injury claims. So, they are going to take any advantage they can get. Do yourself, and your injury claim a favor. Seek medical attention.

Take Photos of the Accident and Your Injuries

In the same line of seeking medical attention, you want to gather as much documentation as possible. Accidents happen in a split second. Your adrenaline is rushing. You may not remember everything that happened during the accident tomorrow. Take photos of the accident scene, of damage to your vehicle or property, and most of all photograph and document your injuries. The more you document what transpired, the more ammunition you give your personal injury attorney. We need as much ammo as possible to fight off greedy insurance adjusters and underwriters.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney Near You

Finally, contact a personal injury attorney near you. Look, there are lots of law firms that claim to handle injury cases. In our opinion, too many of them “farm” out their cases to other lawyers. However, we personally handle each and every claim we take on. In fact, we believe in working closely with the clients who turn to us and trust us to manage their claim. That’s why we have over 20 offices throughout the Californiaern United States. An injury attorney, especially one who understands auto accident laws, can really help you understand the claim process.

Choosing an Auto Accident Lawyer

Okay, so we’ve touched on a few things you may want to consider after a car crash. Now let’s take a minute to discuss how you can go about choosing an auto accident lawyer. Whether you’re searching online, or if you remembered a flashy billboard or television commercial, most law firms claim to be the best. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the best personal injury attorney or auto accident lawyer. You may want to do some research before you retain an attorney.

Now, hiring a car accident attorney to handle your claim after a crash is a good idea (at least we believe it is). But, as we said above, you may want to consider a few things before you settle on which lawyer to let represent your claim. Here are a few things we think are important for all car accident victims to consider.

Do I Trust the Lawyer and Law Firm?

You have to trust the lawyer working on your case. In addition, you need to have confidence in the law firm that they have the talent and resources to see the claim the whole way through. Personal injury settlements can take time to negotiate. If the insurance company doesn’t want to play ball, we may even have to go to court and fight for a trial victory. Simply put, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your attorney, and you will be depending upon them to come through for you financially. So, make sure there are trust and confidence in whoever you retain.

How Much Money Has the Law Firm Won?

This is a BIG one for us. Okay, so, does winning a lot of money mean you’re the best injury lawyer around. Technically, no it doesn’t. But it does mean you KNOW how to get the job done. Look, the job of a personal injury attorney is to represent an accident victims claim, fight for their best interest, and to obtain financial justice through a settlement offer or court victory. Essentially, money talks and “you know what” walks. So, make sure you find out how much money the law firm has won for injury victims just like you. Follow the money. Guess what? We’ve won more than $500 million dollars for accident injury victims.

Read Attorney and Law Firm Reviews

You may want to know how the law firm, or a particular injury lawyer, works with clients. A great way to obtain this information is to read attorney and law firm reviews. Just like you, the past clients of an injury firm were most likely accident victims. And, just like you, they needed the help of an attorney to handle their injury claim. By reading reviews or watching video testimonials of past clients, you can learn more about the good and bad experiences other accident injury victims encountered with a firm.

Ask Lots of Questions

And, our number one tip, is to ask lots of questions. Look, most injury attorneys offer free consultations. We do, and we have over 20 offices to provide you with local support. By asking lots of questions and bringing up your concerns you give the lawyers a chance to address things that may be super important to your case and claim. In addition, its a great way for you to learn more and the law firm, the actual attorney you will be working with, and how you and they get along.

Car Crash Attorneys in Los Angeles

If you, or a loved one, have been injured in an accident please call our car crash attorneys in Los Angeles. Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our consultations are always free, and we charge NO MONEY upfront. That’s right, we only get paid if you get paid first. Don’t delay, don’t take on a big insurance company all by yourself. Call our personal injury lawyers today and put over 100 years of legal experience on your side.

Our firm owns and operates over 20 offices throughout the Californiaern United States. Our entire legal team is bilingual, and we are fluent in English and Spanish. Call us now or fill out our online contact form. Below are additional resources. Remember, we’re here to fight for your financial justice after an auto accident.