Auto Accidents

If you were hurt in a wreck because of another person’s negligence, the responsible parties must for pay your damages. No matter the extent of your injuries, a skilled personal injury attorney could help you file a civil lawsuit for compensation. Contact a Woodland Hills car accident attorney to get the payments you deserve.

How to Determine Who Caused a Vehicle Collision

Under the state’s fault-based liability scheme, the driver who caused an accident must pay for an injured party’s losses. A negligence standard applies when determining who is at fault for a crash. In this context, negligence refers to a driver who failed to adhere to the appropriate standard of care, which caused another individual harm.

Drivers owe others reasonable care when operating their vehicles. Often, motorists fail to uphold a standard of care by:

  • Failing to be attentive to pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, and others on the road
  • Breaking a traffic law
  • Driving recklessly
  • Engaging in distractions while driving
  • Deferring vehicle maintenance
  • Driving too fast for road conditions

If law enforcement issued a motorist a citation, the ticket could establish negligence per se, meaning that the violation serves as sufficient evidence of reckless driving.

A seasoned attorney in Woodland Hills could investigate the details of a car crash to determine who is at fault for an accident victim’s injuries and losses.

When Fault is Shared Between Multiple Parties

Negligent driving is common, and many accidents result from the combined carelessness of multiple parties. In such cases, each party is responsible for the results of their conduct but could still collect partial damages from the other parties.

Depending on the circumstances, other drivers, vehicle manufacturers, and local governments may also share liability for the crash. If a driver involved in a collision was working during a wreck, their employer might be responsible for ensuing damages. According to California Vehicle Code §14606 says, if a vehicle owner loaned their car to someone who was not competent to operate it, the owner could be liable for any losses.

The insurance companies for potentially liable parties could be involved in settlement negotiations. A lawyer in Woodland Hills could review a police report for proof of negligence and ensure that a crash victim gets fair compensation when insurance companies deny liability.

What Damages Can be Recovered After a Car Crash in Woodland Hills?

People who suffered injuries in car accidents are entitled to compensation for their losses from responsible parties’ insurers. If a negligent party has no insurance or if their policy limits cannot pay for an injured person’s losses, a reckless person could be held personally liable.

Damages reimburse an accident victim for injury-related losses and future costs, including medical treatment, incidental expenses, lost wages, and diminished future earnings. A reckless person could be held personally liable if a negligent party has no insurance or if their policy limits cannot pay for an injured person’s losses.

Negligent parties are responsible for making an injured person “whole,” which means restoring them to their condition before the crash that hurt them. However, if an injured individual bears some responsibility for a wreck, they cannot collect 100% of their damages and their recovery amount will be reduced by their percentage of fault.

A diligent attorney in Woodland Hills could help an injured person calculate and document their damages after a motor vehicle collision to get them the

Turn to a Woodland Hills Car Accident Attorney After a Wreck

Navigating the state’s complex liability rules for auto accidents is stressful. You should not try to manage your case without legal counsel, especially if you suffered severe injury. A Woodland Hills car accident lawyer could identify negligent parties, gather evidence, and communicate with insurance companies to help you obtain a reasonable settlement.

Do not delay reaching out to a hardworking legal professional. Instead, call today to schedule a case review.


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