Hit and Run Accidents in Woodland Hills

When you are in a motor vehicle accident, you are likely to face many obstacles in the aftermath as you work to heal from your injuries and determine what losses you have incurred. A hit and run accident in Woodland Hills, however, can lead to difficulties you may not expect and are not prepared for.

These types of collisions can create many legal complications for you as you try to fight for the compensation you may be eligible for under the law when you sustain injuries and losses due to the negligent actions of another motorist. A skilled auto collision attorney from our firm can advise you about your rights, file a claim for your losses, and help you track down the party to blame for the crash if possible.

Challenges a Person May Face After a Hit and Run

Many circumstances may lead a driver to try to flee the scene following a crash. They may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, in violation of a court order, or driving without insurance when they cause a collision. The moment a driver runs from the scene of a wreck, they create additional obstacles for others involved in the accident.

Several challenges arise, such as identifying the hit and run driver and determining the insurance coverage available. Sometimes, identifying the driver is possible through video evidence, witness testimony, or other vital evidence. This can lead to the discovery of insurance coverage that can then cover losses. However, there may be situations when it is not possible to determine who the driver or owner of the vehicle involved in the Woodland Hills hit and run is. Our team can help injured motorists determine their next steps and options for recovery in either scenario.

Can a Person Seek Compensation Following a Hit and Run Crash?

A skilled lawyer may be successful in finding the person responsible for the crash. When this occurs, it can open options for seeking compensation through their insurer if coverage is available. When the responsible party is not found or identified, a person’s options to seek compensation are typically limited to their own uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

While pursuing compensation for a hit and run crash case in Woodland Hills may be more difficult, it is not impossible. These claims are challenging, and like any accident claim involving injury compensation and additional losses, it is best to seek the help of an attorney to better the chances of reaching a successful outcome.

Hit and Run Accident Damages

Insurance claims for car accidents, including a hit-and-run crash, require a person to delineate the losses they experience. While some losses may be more transparent and straightforward to decipher, such as lost income and medical expenses, there are some types of losses, such as emotional trauma and pain and suffering, that are complex and require in-depth knowledge of insurance companies, claims, and the law to calculate. Our team can meticulously calculate your losses under each category of damages as we work to reach a satisfactory resolution of your claim.

Contact an Attorney in Woodland Hills After Hit and Run Accidents

When you have an attorney from the Valero Law Group Injury Lawyers representing you after a hit and run accident in Woodland Hills, you can rest assured they will fight for the maximum compensation possible on your behalf. Contact us for a free case review from a dedicated member of our team.


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