Teen Driving Accidents in Woodland Hills

Learning to drive is a major milestone for most teenagers. However, young motorists are a common cause of auto accidents. Due to their lack of experience and maturity, the law has additional requirements before they can secure the right to operate a vehicle.

When teen driving accidents in Woodland Hills happen, the injuries can be traumatic. If you were hurt in one of these collisions, a dedicated car accident attorney from our firm can help you review your legal rights and consider your options.

What Causes Teen Accidents?

The same factors that lead adults to cause an accident also come into play with teenage motorists. However, younger drivers are more likely to cause a crash for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, their brains are not yet fully developed. This leads to irrational judgments that can cause an otherwise avoidable accident.

Young drivers also do not have the same experience behind the wheel as their adult counterparts. Understanding how these vehicles work as well as how best to navigate the flow of traffic are skills that only come with time. Some of the factors that are most likely to cause a crash include the following:

When an accident occurs because of the negligence of a teenage driver, an injured Woodland Hills motorist can pursue a case for compensation. A settlement could provide that person with the financial support they need while recovering.

What Is Parental Liability?

In general, the parents of a juvenile are financially liable for any damage they cause when they are at fault for an accident. Before a teen is granted a driver’s license, their parent or guardian must sign a consent form. This form means the adults assume any liability in cases where the teenager causes a wreck.

This consent ends as soon as a person turns 18. It is also possible for a parent to withdraw their consent prior to that date if they no longer want their child to be able to legally drive. Woodland Hills parents could also be financially liable when they loan their vehicle to a child if they knew or should have known there to be a high risk of a collision.

Special Requirements for Teen Drivers

Teenaged motorists have additional restrictions above and beyond what adult motorists face. This is generally due to the higher rate of vehicle accidents that younger drivers are involved in.

When a person under the age of 18 first receives their license, they must spend the first year driving with a parent or guardian in the car. Adults over the age of 25 are also viable alternatives. There are also time restrictions to be aware of. Even after the first year concludes, juveniles are required to have an adult with them in the vehicle any time they drive between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

The rules for the use of electronic devices are also much more rigid. While adults cannot text and drive, minors cannot use electronic devices at all. This includes hands-free Bluetooth devices.

Contact Our Woodland Hills Team for Help After a Teen Driving Accident

When you are injured in an accident with a young motorist, it is vital to remember that you have rights. You are entitled to pursue legal action against the juvenile and potentially against their parents as well. Talk to a lawyer today about teen driving accidents in Woodland Hills. Our firm is available at all hours and consultations are free.