Woodland Hills Dog Bite Lawyer

Most families love having a dog. In fact, many Americans consider their family dog, well, family. While we want to believe that most pet owners take care of their animals the truth is sadly different. Lots of dogs are abused and neglected. While we believe that animal attacks are to be blamed on bad owners, not evil animals, accidents can and will happen. Dog bites cause much more than just physical damage. The emotional pain and fear can last a lifetime. If you, or one of your children, have been bitten by a dog or attacked by an animal our diligent injury attorneys could help.

Dog Bites Injuries Are Serious

People love their pets, and most pet owners take very good care of their animals. A lot of families consider their dogs part of the family. Sadly, not all owners care for their pets. When this happens animals can become scared and angry. Unfortunately, when animals attack, it can get ugly. So, what can a dog bite injury attorney do for you after an attack? Well, for starters we can work to get you paid so that you don’t eat the cost of the medical expenses.

See, these types of injuries usually require plastic surgery. Too often victims will need multiple surgeries to repair the damage. If ligaments or tendons are severed you could end up with a life long disability. However, it’s not just the physical damage that causes pain and frustration. While you may go through surgeries to repair and heal esthetic injuries, mental injuries can last a lifetime. People tend to build phobias and hold onto fears permanently after tragic events like dog bites and animal attacks. If a child or young one is attacked they may never be the same again. We fight to get you financially compensated so that you can obtain the medical help you need to fully recover, both physically and mentally, after a dog bite. A Woodland Hills dog bite accident lawyer will fight to get our clients paid the maximum amount of financial compensation possible. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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