California Personal Injury Lawyer


When you sustain injuries in an accident caused by another person, you should not have to bear the financial burden alone. The negligent parties who caused your incident have a legal obligation to pay for your medical expenses, lost income, and other injury-related costs.

At Valero Law Group, our California personal injury lawyers will help you pursue a compensation claim. With the help of our skilled attorneys, you will receive the payments you deserve and hold a negligent party accountable for the pain they caused you.

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Negligent Behavior in Personal Injury Cases

People and companies must exercise reasonable care to protect others from harm by utilizing the same degree of caution that another induvial would use under similar circumstances. Whether a party used proper care depends on the situation.

For example, someone who supervises children or cares for the elderly must prevent them from harming themselves or others. Children and older adults require more supervision than other individuals, making the acceptable standard of care higher.

Similarly, drivers must use ordinary care to avoid harming other motorists, motorcyclists, bike riders, and pedestrians. However, a bus driver on the same street must use the utmost care to prevent harm to bus passengers and other motorists. Knowing that another person failed to protect you can be upsetting, but our seasoned attorneys in California can work to identify acts or omissions that suggest negligence occurred. You will not have to suffer due to the negligence of another person, and our experienced and detail-oriented legal team are here to help you maximize the potential of your claim.

What is an Attorney’s Role After an Accident in California?

Pursuing compensation without legal counsel rarely produces the settlement needed to address your losses after an injury. However, working with us ensures that responsible parties cannot escape accountability for their actions. Additionally, our team offers many skills that could benefit your claim.

Identifying Negligent Acts

When investigating an injury claim, our attorneys will identify all the potentially responsible parties and collect evidence against them. Accidents often result from the negligence of more than one party.

Calculating Damages

Although you may want to accept an award amount less than what your case is worth, it is not smart. A proper settlement could pay for your injury-related expenses and offer financial support for your pain and suffering. We will help you document and prove your damages to ensure that any settlement offer provides reasonable compensation for your injury.

Communicating with Responsible Parties

After an accident, insurers and negligent parties might propose a settlement to you if you agree not to sue. In fact, an insurer may even contact you while you are still recovering from your injuries. Valero Law Group will handle all communication with insurers and potentially responsible parties, allowing you to focus on your physical recovery.

Negotiating a Settlement

A legal representative understands how much a claim is worth because they have spent time getting to know you and how an accident has changed your life. Our team will make a persuasive argument demonstrating the extent of your harm until you receive an acceptable settlement offer.

Litigation if Necessary

Although most personal injury claims settle before a case goes to court, we can argue a case in trial if the responsible parties do not negotiate in good faith. We understand the challenges you might face when pursuing a personal injury suit – our team of attorneys are here to help.

Rely on a California Personal Injury Attorney to Handle Your Civil Claim

If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, you deserve compensation from the responsible parties. At Valero Law Group, a California personal injury lawyer will ensure you get an adequate financial settlement to help pay for the harm you sustained. Our proven personal injury attorneys and legal team members could fight for you.

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