Woodland Hills Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving motorcycles can cause severe and sometimes permanent injuries to riders. However, if another party’s negligence contributed to an incident, a biker could seek monetary damages from the negligent parties.

Unfortunately, lingering prejudice against motorcycle riders can make it difficult for bikers to obtain a fair settlement without the help of a skilled personal injury attorney. However, a Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer could provide the skills and experience to overcome those prejudices and help you get appropriate and reasonable compensation for your injuries. En Español

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Woodland Hills?

Part of what makes motorcycles so much fun to ride is the challenge of handling them. A rider can feel the road even when cruising down the highway. However, controlling a bike at high speeds, in poor weather, or on uneven roads can be challenging, even for experienced riders.

Although motorcyclists are responsible for some accidents, car drivers are often at fault for these collisions. Drivers in enclosed vehicles might not notice motorcycles until it is too late. Severe motorcycle accidents tend to occur when drivers:

  • Turn left in front of an oncoming motorcycle with the right-of-way
  • Do not stop in time to avoid a motorcycle stuck in traffic or waiting to pass through an intersection
  • Fail to yield to a bike when merging
  • Change lanes or swerves into a motorbike
  • Move through a stop sign or exits a parking lot without noticing an oncoming motorcycle
  • Open their doors in the path of an oncoming motorcycle

In some cases, speeding can also contribute to motorcycle accidents since riders cannot quickly respond to hazards. To avoid collisions, motorcyclists must protect themselves while obeying speed limits and staying aware of changing road conditions.

California Vehicle Code §21658.1 allows lane splitting, but riders should use caution to avoid vehicles’ blind spots. State law requires helmets for all riders. Brightly colored protective clothing might help reduce road rash in a crash and makes a rider more visible. A local attorney could identify the cause of a motorbike crash and collect evidence to support a civil lawsuit for damages.

Negligent Acts Lead to Liability

This state makes at-fault drivers liable for injuries or losses that another party suffers in a wreck. Insurers for all drivers and other responsible parties involved in a collision typically determine fault through a negotiating process. Although a negligent motorcyclist cannot collect full damages, they can obtain the percentage of fault that another driver contributed to the crash.

It is critical for motorcycle crash victims in Woodland Hills to have an experienced attorney representing them during settlement negotiations. Insurers often try to shift responsibility to a motorcyclist to limit the liability of their insureds. A legal professional could ensure a rider receives fair compensation by pushing back and presenting evidence of another individual’s carelessness.

Motorcycle Accident Damages Can Support a Biker’s Recovery

Even a low-speed motorcycle collision could leave a rider with complex fractures, damage to internal organs, spinal cord damage, head injuries, disfiguring facial lacerations, and psychological trauma. In some cases, a motorcyclist might require extensive treatment to recover.

Damages pay for any objective and subjective losses a person suffers in an accident, including expenses related to treating, rehabilitating, and learning to live with their injuries. Damages can also compensate victims for their lost wages and diminished future earning potential. Often, compensation will cover the cost of mental health treatment to cope with the accident and its emotional aftermath.

Despite the high costs associated with motorcycle accidents, the most significant impact is often on a rider’s quality of life. Damages provide sums to acknowledge a motorcyclist’s physical pain, scarring, reduced capacity to enjoy life, mental anguish, and disability. A hardworking attorney in Woodland Hills could ensure that motorcycle collision victims receive fair settlements to help them pay for their injury-related expenses.

Trust a Woodland Hills Attorney to Handle Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

After sustaining injuries in a motorcycle crash, you should focus your energy on your physical health and well-being. An experienced legal team member could manage your insurance claim to relieve stress and ensure your settlement is fair.

A Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer could provide strong support and advocacy during this difficult time. Contact a seasoned legal professional today.

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