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Injuries in Stockton can occur for many reasons. For example, some accidental injuries are caused by unavoidable factors like clumsiness or sudden weather changes. However, many serious injuries result from avoidable acts. In these situations, a dedicated attorney could help.

If another person’s recklessness caused you to suffer injuries in an accident, you could have a viable claim for compensation against the responsible party. Pursuing this claim alone can be challenging, especially if the other side has legal representation. Fortunately, a Stockton personal injury lawyer could protect your rights and serve as your advocate while you pursue justice. En Español

The Nature of Personal Injury Claims

One thing that every personal injury case must have in common is evidence of negligence. For a Stockton personal injury attorney to recover compensation for a claimant, they must establish that the injuries resulted from a careless, reckless, or intentional act. However, these acts can take many different forms. While countless circumstances can lead to a personal injury case, some situations are more common than others. Common examples of injury claims include:

Auto Accidents

Car crashes happen daily here in Stockton. Sometimes they end up causing no injuries, other times they cause severe injuries or even fatalities. Our legal team members have decades of experience litigating auto accident injuries, and in addition, we’ve won over $500 million dollars for our clients

Truck Accidents

Stockton and all of California is a major pass through for national trucking companies. Whether it be FedEx, UPS, or grocery stores; large trucks haul heavy loads up and down our highways. This means major trucking accidents can and will happen. When large trucks or commercial vehicles cause crashes, the results are typically catastrophic. We know how to handle truck accident injury claims. Our law firm has handled major truck and 18-wheeler accident injury claims, and we also have success winning them.

Motorcycle Accidents

Whether you’re a daily rider or a weekend warrior you know that at one point in time you will lay your bike down. It’s not a matter of IF you will go down, but WHEN you will go down. We know this, and our Stockton personal injury attorneys will ride with you. Insurance companies love to paint bikers as the party at fault in a crash. We’re here to fight for your rights. Give us a call if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle related accident.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are also known as premises liability claims. When you visit a public place such as a park, grocery store, or shopping center the owner/managerial company of that facility is legally required to keep the location and secure. If you end up slipping on a wet floor, tripping over building material, or injured due to the negligence of the owner of the location you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our knowledgeable lawyers in Stockton know how to fight for your rights after a slip and fall injury.

A hardworking attorney in Stockton could review the facts of an accident to determine if a personal injury lawsuit would be appropriate.

Compensation For Your Injuries

In a successful personal injury lawsuit, liable parties are responsible for paying a plaintiff’s damages. This monetary award could be made up of several different types of compensation.

Lost Wages

For many injury victims, missing work and the income that comes with it is the most challenging aspect of an injury. An injured party could find it difficult to financially support themselves and their families when they are too hurt to work. However, compensation could be available to replace the lost wages.

Medical Bills

The high cost of medical care can quickly become overwhelming to an injured person. The expense of emergency treatment—including hospital expenses—is substantial and often pales compared to the cost of ongoing care. Fortunately, plaintiffs can recover past and future medical expenses in a personal injury suit.

Pain and Suffering

Physical pain is synonymous with serious injuries. Because this pain would not have occurred if not for a negligent act, it could result in significant compensation. These damages are subjective, but an attorney could make a case for a fair amount of damages.

Property Damage

In some cases, the human body is not the only thing damaged in an accident. For example, if an injured victim’s property is damaged or destroyed, it could result in additional compensation.

These payments could include the cost of repairing or replacing that property. The most common example is a motor vehicle damaged in a crash. A diligent lawyer in Stockton could advise on all the types of damages that could be available to a claimant and fight to get them the payments they deserve.

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Serious injuries can be devastating events, but they do not have to alter the course of your life. With the financial support you deserve, you could use those resources to secure your quality of life in the future.

Let a Stockton personal injury lawyer fight for you. Our Stockton personal injury attorneys know how to protect your rights after an accident. In fact, we’ve won well over $500 million dollars for our clients. Don’t take on an insurance company alone, and don’t settle for less than you deserve. Call today for a private consultation and get started on your case.