Stockton Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucks are an integral part of the supply chain, but they pose significant risks to other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, occupants of smaller vehicles frequently sustain severe injuries when hit by tractor-trailers.

If you or a family member were involved in a truck collision and sustained injuries, reach out to a Stockton truck accident lawyer as quickly as possible. A seasoned personal injury attorney will fight to ensure the negligent parties pay reasonable compensation for your injuries. En Español

Types of Semi-Truck Accidents

Due to their large size, sharing the road with a truck is risky for the occupants of other vehicles. Often, it is impossible to see around a truck, and because of their large blind spots, truckers often cannot see other cars nearby. Additionally, tractor-trailers are difficult to handle, with sluggish steering, slow acceleration, and even slower braking. Trucks are especially prone to specific types of crashes, including:

  • Rollovers occurring when a truck tips onto its side
  • Jackknifes happening when a trailer moves at an angle
  • Blind spot accidents occurring when a truck collides with a vehicle in its blind spot
  • Multi-vehicle pileups happening when a truck cannot stop quickly enough to avoid a crash

In addition, overweight trucks often get into accidents because the strain of the excess cargo causes brake or tire failure or a snapped axle.

Liable Parties

In most cases, a trucker and the company they work for will bear responsibility for a crash. However, if an injured person’s conduct contributed to their damages, California Civil Code §1714 allows them to collect compensation from other negligent parties. A knowledgeable attorney in Stockton could ensure the trucking company pays its fair share of the injured person’s damages, even when the injured person has partial liability for the crash.

Truckers Must Maintain a High Standard of Care

In most vehicle accident cases, the negligent driver is deemed at fault, making them liable for subsequent injuries. While all drivers must exercise caution while on the road, truckers and other commercial vehicle operators in Stockton must meet a higher standard, especially because they are common carriers under federal law.

This high standard applies to the trucker and the trucking company. For example, if a trucker or their employer violated one of the many rules that apply to people in that profession, they could be liable. A trucking company also could be responsible if it did not do a thorough pre-employment screening, failed to maintain the truck properly, allowed it to drive when overweight, or for other careless conduct. An experienced lawyer in Stockton could investigate a tractor-trailer collision to determine why it occurred and who was at fault.

Why Retaining Legal Representation Can Help a Claim

The law allows injured people two years to file a lawsuit seeking damages after a truck accident. However, waiting that long before retaining a legal team member is unwise.

Insurers for trucking companies often approach injured people soon after an accident, offering a small sum to settle the case. However, these companies might misrepresent their obligations, assert that the injured person is not entitled to compensation because they had some role in causing the accident, or use other pressure tactics. Sometimes, insurers appear sympathetic and engage an injured person in dialogue, hoping to elicit an admission of responsibility.

With the assistance of a diligent attorney in Stockton, crash victims could avoid dealing with truck company insurers. Legal representatives could handle all communication with the responsible parties, ensuring they do not take advantage of an injured person. If the insurer understands the injured person intends to pursue their right to compensation, insurers often begin good-faith negotiations promptly.

Rely on a Stockton Attorney to Handle Your Truck Accident Claim

Truck accidents often cause devastating injuries that require significant medical intervention and leave permanent impairments, forcing you to take substantial time off work. However, you should not have to deal with the consequences of these incidents alone.

Contact a Stockton truck accident lawyer immediately after an accident. They could start working to ensure you receive a fair settlement. Reach out today.