Stockton Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

With technological advancements and advanced safety features, going to work should be safe. However, unfortunately, people suffer debilitating injuries every year in the workplace, often causing them to miss out on their normal income and incur substantial out-of-pocket medical costs. Luckily, most people who sustain workplace injuries are eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits. However, collecting benefits for workers’ compensation claims can be complicated.

When you sustain a workplace injury, a dedicated Stockton workers’ compensation lawyer can explain your rights. Additionally, one of our knowledgeable legal team members could ensure you follow the correct procedures to obtain your rightful benefits.

Potential Benefits Available Under Stockton Workers’ Compensation Plans

People who suffer injuries while working are eligible for various benefits under their employers’ workers’ compensation plans.

Medical Benefits

Injured workers might be eligible to collect medical benefits for any reasonable medical treatments that could cure or alleviate the effects of injury or illness they sustained while on the job. When the injury or illness has long-term health consequences, the employee could collect benefits to cover their long-term medical expenses.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

When an on-the-job injury prevents an employee from working, they could collect temporary disability benefits, which offer the employee payments to cover two-thirds of their gross income. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, these benefits could include coverage for the injured employee’s weekly wages, overtime, tips, bonuses, and commissions. Temporary disability payments generally last until the injured employee returns to work or their doctor releases them from their care. In most cases, temporary benefits are only allowed for two years.

Vocational Retraining Benefits

When an employee suffers a serious injury preventing them from returning to their previous job, but they do not qualify for permanent disability benefits, they could collect supplemental job displacement benefits to cover the cost of the education they need to start a new career.

Permanent Partial Disability Payments

When an employee cannot return at all due to the severity of their injuries, they might be eligible to collect permanent disability payments.

Death Benefits

Finally, when a family member loses their loved one because of a workplace injury, they may be able to collect workers’ compensation death benefits to help ease the financial burden of their loved one’s loss. The amount of recoverable payments often depends on the severity of a worker’s injuries and the economic effect it has on their life. However, a dedicated attorney in Stockton could help an employee gather evidence to support the strength of their claim and fight to get them the maximum benefits after a workplace accident.

When Can an Injured Employee File a Lawsuit?

In most cases, workers cannot sue their employer for causing injuries. However, they might be eligible to file a claim against a third party that contributed to their harm. For example, if a construction worker falls because of a defective scaffold, the worker cannot sue the construction company that employs them; however, they may be able to sue the company that made the defective scaffold. A knowledgeable Stockton attorney could help an injured employee investigate their legal options and determine if a third-party claim is viable.

Contact an Attorney in Stockton About Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When you suffer an injury because of your job, you deserve compensation. Unfortunately, collecting benefits after filing a workers’ comp claim can be challenging. You must adhere to precise procedural requirements—and some employers try to deny or reduce your rightful benefits.

Thankfully, a diligent Stockton workers’ compensation lawyer could help guide you through the process so that you can collect what you and your family deserve. Call today to find out how.