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Great weather, miles of scenic roadways, and maddening traffic congestion make California a great place to ride a motorcycle. Motorcyclists can commute while enjoying the pleasure of the open air.

Although riding a motorcycle can be fun, it is also dangerous, and collisions can cause severe harm. Unfortunately, motorcyclists who survive a devastating crash often walk away with long-lasting injuries.

If you were involved in a motorcycle crash caused by a reckless driver, you are likely dealing with profound injuries. However, our skilled personal injury attorneys will help you pursue a claim for damages. Speak with our California motorcycle accident lawyers at Valero Law Group today to learn more about your legal options.

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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in California

Sadly, motorcyclists are vulnerable in a crash because they travel at the same speed as cars, yet motorcycles offer no physical protection, resulting in debilitating injuries. According to a recent clinical study, common injuries seen in motorcycle collisions include:

  • Bone fractures, especially of the pelvis, leg, ankle, and foot
  • Brachial plexus injuries and shoulder fractures
  • Facial injuries
  • Foot and lower leg amputations
  • Bladder injuries
  • Depressed skull fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage

After a motorcycle collision, you may be suffering from multiple injuries that require significant time to heal. Dealing with the effects of crash-related injuries can be frustrating, but our local attorneys are here to assist you. We will ensure that your injuries are properly documented and demand appropriate compensation to help pay for your treatment and rehabilitation.

Are Negligent Parties Responsible for Damages?

Seeking damages in California requires establishing that another party’s negligence caused an incident that led to your injury. To prove negligence, you must demonstrate that a party did not exercise the degree of care a situation required, which led to your injury.

In many cases, a negligent party could include an at-fault driver. Additionally, if a motorist was working during the accident, their employer might have vicarious liability. A manufacturer might be liable for the faulty parts if defects in a motorcycleor a car led to a wreck. Similarly, a local government might share responsibility for a collision if poor road design or a lack of maintenance contributed to a crash.

Our team of hardworking attorneys are experienced with investigating motorcycle crashes to identify parties who might have acted recklessly or carelessly.

Could a Motorcyclist’s Behavior Have an Impact on a Claim for Damages?

California law holds each party accountable for their contribution to an accident. This law incentivizes responsible parties and insurers to find evidence that a motorcyclist’s negligence was a factor in the crash. You can protect yourself by ensuring they adhere to all safety requirements and obey the law.

For example, California Vehicle Code §27803 requires riders to wear helmets. However, if you suffered a head or facial injury and were unprotected, another negligent party might argue that the injury was a direct result of your failure to obey the helmet law.

Even if you acted carelessly, you may still be able to collect damages from other negligent parties. However, a court will discount your compensation by a percentage based on your portion of fault. At Valero Law Group, our attorneys will fight to make sure that you do not bear an unfair percentage of the blame for a motorcycle crash. Instead, we will work hard to gather compelling evidence proving another party’s responsibility.

Work With a California Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Pursue Damages

Recovering adequate damages after a motorcyclecrash requires knowledge and diligence. While you focus on your physical recovery, let our legal professionals fight for you.

Contact our California motorcycle accident lawyers to pursue your claim for damages. We will collect the payment you deserve from the responsible parties that caused your injuries.

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