Highway Car Accidents in Woodland Hills

Most people relying on the highways surrounding the area travel at high speed. While many of these motorists proceed with caution, some drivers are in such a hurry they put everyone else at risk.

If you were injured in a highway car accident in Woodland Hills, you have the opportunity to seek financial compensation. Recovering a monetary award from the negligent party could be possible with the support of a seasoned auto collision attorney from our firm.

Why Highway Car Accidents Happen

Vehicle collisions on the highway can happen under many different circumstances, with some involving a single car and others involving multiple drivers. Some factors that could lead to an accident on Woodland Hills highways include the following:

To pursue legal action following these accidents, an injured person must be able to show that it occurred due to an act of negligence. Our attorneys can carefully evaluate all of the facts of a collision to determine what happened. Their investigation could not only result in a viable theory of negligence, but it could also identify each of the parties that are at fault.

More often than not, these accidents involve some kind of human error. However, aggressive driving or moving violations are not the only factors that can lead to an accident. Other potentially liable parties could include vehicle manufacturers, pedestrians, or even government entities.

Recovering Monetary Damages After a Crash

In the aftermath of a Woodland Hills highway accident, an injured person could recover some of the following types of damages.

Medical Expenses

These accidents frequently result in serious physical injuries. When that happens, the cost of medical care can be significant. A successful civil lawsuit could provide damages that cover the cost of treatment, including surgeries, physical therapy, and ambulance transportation. These awards could cover both past as well as future expenses.

Pain and Suffering

Dealing with major physical pain is an unfortunate reality for many people injured in a highway crash. While a person’s pain is subjective, it could be possible to show a jury that this suffering requires a monetary award. In many cases, these damages scale based on the extent of a person’s medical bills.

Lost Wages

Missing time away from work is a common side effect of suffering a serious injury. This can lead to sudden financial challenges when an injured person loses their primary source of income. A successful lawsuit could help them recover their lost wages.

Property Losses

In addition to costs related to a person’s physical injuries, an injured motorist can also recover compensation based on the damage to their personal property. These claims generally involve the cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle involved in the accident, but personal property within the vehicle could also be covered as well.

Discuss a Woodland Hills Car Accident With Our Team

Sustaining an injury in a highway car accident in Woodland Hills is a serious matter. The injuries stemming from these collisions can be life-altering. If you believe you are entitled to compensation after a wreck, reach out today for a private consultation.


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