Fowler Truck Accident Lawyer

Regardless of the circumstances, driving in Fowler comes with risks. However, the dangers quickly multiply when vehicles share the road with large trucks, construction vehicles, or delivery vans. Long schedules and heavy cargo loads mean truckers must take special care not to harm others. Sadly, failures to protect other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are common.

When you suffer an injury after a crash with a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. Our Fowler truck accident lawyers can help prove fault for the collision, evaluate how the event has changed your life, and demand that negligent drivers, their employers, and insurers provide you with fair payment. Reach out to our skilled injury attorneys today to learn more.

Why are Tractor-Trailer Accidents So Common?

Many factors contribute to the high frequency of truck collisions—the first being that commercial vehicles are substantially larger than even the biggest SUVs. Because of this, other drivers can go unnoticed in a truck’s blind spot. Additionally, these vehicles’ massive size makes them slow to stop in dangerous road conditions or emergencies. In these situations, rear-end collisions, jackknife accidents, and rollovers are likely.

Another common reason for semi accidents is the demanding nature of truckers’ jobs. Especially for employees working in the long-haul market, meeting deadlines often requires them to be on the road for ten hours a day or more. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlines strict rules that limit daily and weekly drive times. Despite these regulations, many trucking companies push their employees to drive for extended periods, leading to fatigue, distraction, and complacency. Any of these factors can indicate a driver’s negligence. A dedicated attorney in Fowler can determine the reason for a crash and identify negligent truckers and their employer.

Seeking Compensation After an Incident

According to the law, negligent parties must provide full compensation to crash victims. However, injured people bear the burden of proving how an event has changed their life. All truck accident cases must establish physical injuries and the medical care needed to treat them.

Common examples of injuries sustained in semi crashes include:

  • Severe cuts and scrapes
  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Traumatic brain injuries

A legal representative will seek the compensation needed for the medical care necessary to bring an individual to their maximum level of medical improvement. However, physical injuries are not the only potential consequences of these events. For example, a crash may also cause severe pain, impact a person’s quality of life, and leave them unable to work.

A compassionate lawyer in Fowler will strive to determine how a tractor-trailer accident changed a victim’s life and place a monetary value on these experiences to ensure injured individuals get the compensation they deserve. It is important to contact an attorney quickly to meet the two-year statute of limitations on truck accident claims outlined in California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1.

Speak with a Diligent Truck Accident Attorney in Fowler Now

Truck collisions are traumatic events that can impact every part of your life. Not only will you need to seek medical care to treat your injuries, but you must also protect your legal rights by demanding that at-fault truckers provide fair compensation for your losses.

A Fowler truck accident lawyer is ready to take the lead in this process. Our hardworking legal representatives can obtain evidence concerning the crash, evaluate how that event has impacted your life, and demand appropriate payments through insurance settlements and lawsuits. Reach out to us today to get started.