Fresno Car Accident Lawyer

A serious car accident can change your life in an instant. While a personal injury lawsuit cannot turn back the clock or undo the losses you experienced, it could provide you the financial support that allows you to move forward in life.

You have the right to file an injury lawsuit against the negligent driver that caused your accident. Our practiced personal injury attorneys can help with this process. From investigating the accident to negotiating a settlement, our Fresno car accident lawyers can maximize your financial compensation and secure a favorable case outcome on your behalf.

What Are Common Types of Motor Vehicle Collisions?

Car accidents are unique: A collision could involve one or more vehicles occurring under various factors. While no two crashes are exactly alike, understanding the different types of car wrecks is helpful for anyone pursuing legal action against a negligent driver. A hardworking attorney in Fresno will file a lawsuit for any of the following types of motor vehicle accidents:

Head-On Collisions

Head-on crashes happen when the front of two cars strike each other. These accidents usually occur when motorists are traveling in opposite directions.

Rear-End Collisions

As one of the most common types of car wrecks, rear-end crashes usually happen when a driver fails to stop quickly enough to avoid an accident, causing them to strike the vehicle ahead. These accidents result in a wide range of injuries, including whiplash.

Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact collisions occur in a number of different ways. For example, these wrecks can happen when the front of a vehicle strikes the side of another. Alternatively, side-impact crashes occur when two vehicles strike each other’s sides, often happening when cars travel side-by-side.

What Are the Deadlines for Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit?

Specific deadlines—known as statutes of limitations—apply to car accident lawsuits. While the window of time might feel extensive at first, it is often a major pitfall for injured people. Unfortunately, many plaintiffs miss out on their opportunity to pursue compensation following a car crash.

The statute of limitations for a car wreck differs from state to state. In Fresno, an injured plaintiff usually has two years to file their case in court. The deadline expires exactly two years from the date of the car wreck. The court will dismiss the lawsuit if filed after the two-year period, making it impossible for the claimant to collect the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Several exceptions could provide the plaintiff with more time to file their lawsuit, but it is risky to assume they apply in a given case. A knowledgeable lawyer in the Fresno area will answer questions about when the statute of limitations expires while ensuring the injured person’s car crash claim is filed in a timely manner.

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When you are involved in a car crash in Fresno, you have the right to hire an attorney to serve as your advocate. One of our dedicated legal team members can help your recover financial compensation by filing a lawsuit against the driver that injured you. This financial award could compensate you for the losses you sustained in the wreck. Call our office today to schedule a confidential consultation with a Fresno car accident lawyer.