Milpitas Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog owners have an obligation to the public to prevent bites or other animal attacks. When an owner fails to meet this obligation, a skilled injury attorney could hold these owners accountable through a civil lawsuit.

When you are the victim of a dog bite, it is never in your best interest to seek justice on your own. With the help of experienced legal counsel, you can recover damages compensating you for your physical, emotional, and financial losses. Call our energetic and determined Milpitas dog bite lawyers to have your claim evaluated.

What is Strict Liability?

In Milpitas, pet owners are held to a high standard. Injury cases stemming from a dog bite follow the “strict liability” standard; this is a lower burden of proof compared to other civil claims since an injured person can recover compensation without proving the pet owner was negligent.

Proving a case under this standard is straightforward. First, the injured person must show that they were bitten by a dog owned by the defendant; second, they must show that the attack happened on public or private property where the injured person had the right to be.

Exceptions to this rule exist: A plaintiff cannot collect compensation when they provoke the animal that attacked them. Additionally, the injured person cannot seek compensation if they were bitten by a police or military dog performing law enforcement work; however, this exception only applies to anyone being criminal investigated or arrested. Therefore, a crime victim could sue the government when bitten by a police dog.

Maximizing recovery in this type of case can be challenging without help, but a Milpitas attorney could help collect evidence proving the owner was negligent in allowing their dog to bite the plaintiff.

Recoverable Compensation Following a Dog Bite Incident

Steep costs accompany dog bite injuries. In addition to financial expenses, the injured person could face emotional or physical losses. A hardworking attorney in Milpitas could assist a plaintiff with pursuing damages following a canine attack, including:

Medical Expenses

The medical care associated with a dog bite can be costly, often involving emergency room visits, plastic surgery, or follow-care for infection prevention. The cost of a canine bite injury can quickly overwhelm plaintiffs; thankfully, a successful lawsuit could require the dog owner to compensate the injured person.

Lost Wages

Dog bites are often serious enough to prevent the injured person from working. Being forced to miss days or weeks of work causes significant financial issues. For some, a dog bite injury could impact their earning ability for the rest of their lives. A monetary award could provide for these lost wages.

Pain and Suffering

Dog bites are usually painful, often causing nerve damage that leads to lasting pain. An injured plaintiff could recover damages for the physical pain they experience.

Reach Out to a Capable Dog Bite Attorney in Milpitas for Legal Help

When you get bit by a dog, you are likely facing significant challenges, such as immense pain and financial losses; however, their owner could owe you compensation for your injuries.

Holding them accountable involves obstacles you should never take on without help from a seasoned legal team member. Get in touch with our Milpitas dog bite lawyers today to schedule your confidential consultation and let us begin filing your legal claim.