Oakland Bus Accident Lawyer

Due to their large size, buses cause extensive damage to anyone they encounter during a crash. When you are injured because of a negligent driver, recouping your losses could be possible through a legal claim. Filing a lawsuit could allow you to get the justice you deserve.

Our dedicated legal team will pair you with an Oakland bus accident lawyer at our firm who can serve as your advocate. Our experienced attorneys devote extra time to understanding an injured person’s losses, ensuring we develop the right case strategy for them. Instead of taking on the claims process alone, speak with one of our legal representatives.

Common Causes of Public Transportation Wrecks

Public transportation vehicles become involved in crashes for many reasons. Driver inattention, such as texting and driving, could be a factor in the incident, as could drunk driving. Furthermore, the crash could result from driver inexperience when the operator is not properly trained to drive the vehicle.

Determining why a collision happened is a crucial part of the litigation process. The injured plaintiff must be able to prove how the crash occurred so they can support a claim for damages. A skilled Oakland attorney can collect evidence following a public transportation collision to determine who caused it.

What Injuries Do People Usually Experience in a Bus Crash?

Anyone riding a bus during a wreck will likely be tossed around the vehicle, causing them to hit their heads and suffer a traumatic brain injury or whiplash. Broken bones, sprains, tears, and spinal cord damage are also possible, as are internal injuries to vulnerable organs. When a vehicle or object pins someone, their limbs may be crushed beyond repair, resulting in an amputation.

People often experience frustration after suffering significant injuries because of someone else’s behavior. With the help of a trained lawyer who handles bus crashes in Oakland, the injured person could file a legal claim against the responsible party seeking financial relief for their harm.

Filing a Claim for a Motor Vehicle Wreck Involving a Bus

Filing a legal claim allows the injured person to seek compensation for the pain, suffering, inconvenience, and expenses they endured after the bus wreck. Under California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1, the injured person has two years to bring a bodily injury claim against a non-governmental entity; however, when a government worker caused the incident while on the clock, the applicable filing deadline could be as little as six months per California Government Code § 911.2.

The applicable deadline depends on the circumstances of each person’s case. When the injured party misses the deadline, they cannot sue the at-fault individual, business, or agency for the incident. To help safeguard against missing the deadline, a diligent attorney in Oakland will work closely with the claimant to ensure that paperwork regarding the bus wreck is filed promptly.

Call a Bus Accident Attorney for Help After a Crash in Oakland

When you are hurt in a bus crash caused by someone else, bringing a lawsuit could give you hope to recover the financial support you need. Recoverable damages could include your lost wages, money to pay your mounting medical expenses, and reimbursement for property damage. You can boost your odds of winning your case with help from our determined legal team members.

Our law firm devotes significant time, resources, and knowledge to helping crash victims rebuild their lives by holding at-fault parties accountable. Contact an Oakland bus accident lawyer today to set up an initial consultation.