Palm Desert Car Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicle collisions are common on the roads of Palm Desert. Unfortunately, most local residents will experience a car crash at some point in their life. However, a smaller portion of these incidents will result in physical injuries. When you are one of the few victims that suffer harm, you may have the opportunity to seek compensation for your losses.

A Palm Desert car accident lawyer can protect your legal rights by investigating the incident, determining fault for the collision, defining its effects on your life, and demanding proper compensation in and out of court. Reach out to a knowledgeable injury attorney today to learn more.

Who Bears Responsibility for a Car Crash?

In Palm Desert, every crash is someone’s fault, and to collect compensation for their losses, the victim must prove that a negligent driver caused the wreck.

The most direct way to accomplish this is to show that the driver violated a traffic law moments before the crash. Examples of these laws may include:

  • Failures to stop at red lights
  • Driving the wrong way on a one-way street
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving while intoxicated

A determined Palm Desert attorney could help determine if a police officer has charged another driver with a moving violation and use the charge as evidence of liability for the vehicle collision. Other cases will revolve around a driver’s simple carelessness: just because a driver does not receive a ticket for their actions does not mean they are not to blame for a collision. Even so, people seeking compensation must prove that another motorist caused the wreck.

At the same time, California Civil Code §1714 allows the defendant driver to argue that the victim did not do all they could to avoid the vehicle accident. The court could use this defense to reduce the victim’s compensation award. However, a legal representative could gather the evidence to prove that the plaintiff did not contribute to their harm.

Recoverable Damages After a Motor Vehicle Incident

It is no secret that car crashes are a leading cause of personal injuries in the Palm Desert area. The most direct impact of these incidents is the resulting physical injuries: broken bones, concussions, and separated joints are all common examples.

A demand for compensation will center around the medical bills associated with the care needed to treat these conditions. Simultaneously, victims of traffic crashes may suffer other losses like emotional traumas, pain, suffering, and lost wages.

A legal team member can help determine the full impact of a crash on the victim’s past, present, and future. Using this information, a skilled lawyer will build a comprehensive car crash claim that demands proper payments from the at-fault driver and their insurance companies.

Reach Out to a Capable Car Accident Attorney in Palm Desert Today

The law says that at-fault drivers must compensate all victims for their poor decisions. Even so, the obligation lies on you—the plaintiff—to prove fault for the crash and demonstrate how the event has impacted your life.

It is understandable to feel frustrated or overwhelmed, but a Palm Desert car accident lawyer is here to help. An attorney is prepared to investigate the crash, obtain information about your losses, and hold the negligent driver and their insurance company liable for your damages. Reach out today to get started.