Modesto Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are wonderful animals that provide companionship, love, and protection for many people. However, they are still animals, which means their behavior is unpredictable. Even the best dogs will bite under the wrong circumstances. Poorly trained dogs, dogs with histories of aggression, unneutered male dogs, and small dogs are even more likely to bite people. While people associate severe injuries from dog bites with large dogs—especially bully breeds—the reality is that any dog can cause severe injuries with a bite, especially if the victim is a child.

If you have been injured because of a dog bite, recovering from the owner can be complicated. When the owner is a stranger, you need to track them down and then prove that their dog was the cause of your injuries. When the owner is a friend or family member, seeking compensation from them can get very awkward, especially if you have to sue them to get their insurer to pay a claim. A Modesto dog bite lawyer can help you with every step of your dog bite claim and help you get the compensation you deserve. Call Valero Law Group today to begin working with a dedicated personal injury attorney.

Strict Liability and Dog Bites

In some states, an injured person must demonstrate that an owner knew or should have known about a dog’s propensity or history of violence to be liable in a dog bite claim. California is a strict liability state, which means an injured person does not have to establish negligence. Instead, they only have to prove the owner owned the dog, that the dog bit them, and that the bite led to damages.

Even under a theory of strict liability, owners are not liable for all dog bites. For example, owners are not liable for bites to trespassers or bites where the victim provoked the dog. Additionally, an injured person who is employed while at work or during a paid service may be able to get compensation but should pursue it through workers’ compensation rather than through a personal injury claim. A Modesto dog bite attorney can explain these exceptions more thoroughly during a consultation.

Financial Recovery After a Dog Bite

With a successful injury claim, a person can recover for their economic and non-economic losses related to their dog bite. This compensation is also known as damages. Economic damages include the financial impacts of an injury, such as present and future medical bills, lost wages, and a diminished working ability. Non-economic damages are subjective and include things like pain and suffering, emotional trauma, disfigurement, and a loss of enjoyment of life.

When negotiations with an insurance company do not yield the desired result, a Modesto attorney from our firm is not afraid to take matters to court to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Meet With a Modesto Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites can be traumatic. They not only lead to physical pain and inconvenience but can cause severe injuries, particularly for older victims, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. The medical care can be extensive, including reconstructive surgeries and painful procedures to fight or avoid infection.

The dog’s owner may be liable for your tangible and intangible damages. Schedule a consultation with a Modesto dog bite lawyer to explore the potential remedies in your case.