San Bernardino Dog Bite Lawyer

While some encounters with aggressive or dangerous animals only result in minor injuries, others can inflict severe damage. When a vicious or aggressive dog injures you or your child, you might have legal recourse.

A San Bernardino dog bite lawyer can look carefully into the situation that led to your injury to determine whether you can collect compensation for what happened. If so, our experienced personal injury attorneys will help you navigate your case, file your claim, and accept the appropriate settlement.

How to Prove Fault in Dog Bite Cases

California is one of many states that adheres to the legal theory of strict liability for dog bite cases rather than the negligence doctrine. In states where the negligence theory applies, the claimant must prove that the dog’s owner failed to uphold a duty of care by knowing that the animal has a history of aggression but failing to prevent them from attacking.

In California, where the strict liability theory applies, the legal standard is straightforward. Assuming the injured individual was legally on property at the time of the incident and someone else’s dog bit them, they can file a claim against the dog owner seeking compensation for damages. The claimant does not need to establish that the dog’s owner acted negligently or that the animal bit someone in the past.

Working with a San Bernardino attorney when pursuing a dog attack claim is essential. The dog owner’s insurance company may deploy various defenses to assert their insured is not liable. For example, the insurer might try to cast doubt about whether the claimant was legally on the premises when the dog bite occurred or assert that the canine did not physically bite the plaintiff. A legal representative can investigate an incident, build a compelling case for compensation, and debunk any theories laid out by an insurance company that put the plaintiff at fault.

Pursuing a Dog Bite Claim in San Bernardino

When considering whether to contact a skilled lawyer in San Bernardino to file a canine bite claim, understanding the timeline set forth by state law is essential. A two-year statute of limitations controls most dog bite cases.

When the plaintiff fails to file their case within two years of the incident, they lose their ability to seek monetary recovery. An attorney can help anyone injured in a dog attack seek various damages in a civil case, including medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

Consult With a Hardworking Dog Bite Attorney in San Bernardino

Although California applies the theory of strict liability to dog bite claims, not every attack by a canine will entitle you to a compensation award. Insurance companies are notoriously combative, often attempting to shift blame onto plaintiffs to reduce or eliminate the damages they might have to pay them.

A San Bernardino dog bite lawyer can build a complete and compelling case for compensation while combatting the insurance company’s tactics to avoid a financial payout. Our attorneys will be your advocates and legal voices every step of the way so you can focus on your recovery and moving forward with your life. Call our office today to discuss your potential dog bite claim and schedule your one-on-one case consultation with one of our legal team members.