San Bernardino Wrongful Death Lawyer

The death of a family member or loved one is devastating, often leaving a permanent mark on your life. The grief and emotions accompanying the loss become magnified when the death results from someone’s willful act, recklessness, or negligence. When someone else’s intentional or careless behavior led to your loved one’s untimely passing, you might have legal standing to file a wrongful death action.

A San Bernardino wrongful death lawyer can look carefully at the events and circumstances surrounding the incident and advise whether your family is eligible to collect compensation. A compassionate and driven personal injury attorney will also ensure that you do not face court proceedings alone and work with you closely to hold the negligent party responsible for your relative’s death.

What Are Wrongful Death Claims?

Negligent death claims arise from various circumstances, including behavior that violates criminal or civil laws. For example, anyone who loses a loved one because of someone’s intentional action could bring a civil claim to seek financial recovery in addition to any penalties the criminal court might impose. Wrongful death claims typically arise from negligence involving deadly motor vehicle accidents or medical malpractice.

Sometimes, multiple parties can launch a wrongful death case after the passing of a loved one. These parties include the spouse of the deceased individual, as well as their children. In some cases, grandchildren and specific individuals the decedent financially supported during their lifetime can bring forward a wrongful death case. Anyone legally entitled to inherit from the decedent’s estate may also have legal standing to file a wrongful death claim.

California law imposes strict filing limitations on all civil cases, including negligent death claims. The standard statute of limitations for California wrongful death claims is only two years after the individual dies. When surviving family members or eligible parties fail to file their wrongful death claim within this two-year window, the court bars them from recovering financial damages. That said, seeking help from a skilled lawyer in San Bernardino is critical when pursuing a claim following a loved one’s passing.

What Compensation is Available in Wrongful Death Cases?

The court can award many sources of compensation in a wrongful death claim. A San Bernardino attorney can help anyone filing a wrongful death claim seek economic and noneconomic damages resulting from their loved one’s passing.

Recoverable economic damages in this context include burial costs for the decedent and the forfeiture of financial contributions to the estate that the decedent would have made if they were still living. On the other hand, noneconomic damages cover the loss of consortium and the loss of fellowship that results from the decedent’s untimely passing.

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Not only are wrongful death claims often complicated to prove, but these cases require a significant amount of time and effort—not to mention a broad knowledge of relevant state laws. Therefore, retaining a San Bernardino wrongful death lawyer with extensive experience managing many wrongful death claims is crucial to your case.

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