Side Impact / T-Bone Car Accidents in Bakersfield

Side-impact (or “T-bone”) car accidents occur when the front end of one vehicle collides with the side panel of another vehicle, forming the shape of an uppercase T. They are a common type of car accident on the roads in the area, and they can lead to substantial property damage, serious injury, and even death. Anyone who has been injured in a side-impact/T-bone car accident in Bakersfield should call an experienced auto accident attorney from our firm for a free consultation.

Our team can take the lead in handling all legal aspects of your situation such as investigating the accident, preserving evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and taking matters to court if settlement talks do not yield the desired result. This allows you to focus your efforts on getting back on your feet or adjusting to your new normal. Do not hesitate, to reach out to a dedicated advocate today.

Common Causes of Side Impact Wrecks and Resulting Injuries

T-Bone car accidents in Bakersfield commonly happen at intersections. It is often the case that one person fails to yield properly to the other motorist. This could be due to distractions such as texting or cellphone use, being under the influence, mechanical failures, driver inexperience, speeding, and more. Depending on the details of the event, injuries can range from mild to catastrophic and often include:

The type and severity of injuries have a direct impact on the amount of compensation an injured motorist could receive for their losses. Working with a trusted attorney is the best way to determine the cause of a wreck, who should be held liable, and what damages may be available.

Damages Available for T-bone Car Accidents

In California, there are two types of compensatory damages available to personal injury plaintiffs: economic and non-economic. Economic damages include things such as medical bills, property damage, and lost wages. Non-economic damages consist of more subjective losses such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Non-economic damages are currently capped at $250,000; there is no cap on economic damages.

An experienced Bakersfield side-impact/T-bone car accident attorney can help provide an accurate accounting of their client’s damages to take to court or to the negotiation table. There is no second chance after a judgment is rendered or a verdict is reached, so it is important to get this number right the first time.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Many injured motorists will want to skip the legal process and go for a payout from the insurance company instead. An experienced Bakersfield side-impact/T-bone car accident lawyer can assist with this process, handling all insurance communications on behalf of their client, providing an accurate valuation of the case, and putting their legal skills to use in negotiating for a fair settlement.

Insurance company representatives need to protect their companies’ bottom lines and will often make lowball settlement offers that an unaware injured person may accept which ends up being significantly less than what they deserve based on the facts of their case. Our team can handle these insurance tactics and help ensure that any settlement is in proportion to the damages incurred. Additionally, we are not afraid to fight aggressively in court if negotiations are not satisfactory.

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When you are hurt in a side-impact/T-Bone car accident in Bakersfield, take step one towards getting compensation for your injuries. Someone is waiting to speak with you. Call the Valero Law Group today for a free consultation. Our team is always available and can make accommodations to come to you if you are unable to visit the office.