Bakersfield Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Sustaining spinal cord trauma in an accident can have catastrophic effects on your life. Accidents causing permanent disabilities can alter your life and have devastating consequences on your loved ones’ lives, especially when you are the primary source of income for your household.

You could be eligible for compensation to cover your damages and monetary losses when someone else’s recklessness causes a preventable accident; our dedicated catastrophic injury attorneys can help with this process. Call a Bakersfield spinal cord injury lawyer to begin filing your legal claim.

Commonly Accidents Causing Spinal Cord Damage

Accidents causing a traumatic blow to someone’s spinal cord, vertebrae, or surrounding nerves or tissue can cause severe physical impairment, such as mobility issues or total loss of function. Sometimes, these injuries result in long-term or permanent paralysis with the loss of partial or complete ability to control movement or feel sensation below the point of injury.

Accidents commonly causing spinal cord damage include:

The initial spinal cord damage symptoms usually include pain, loss of coordination, feelings and sensations, or numbness.

Secondary Symptoms

Many people suffering from paralysis and mobility issues have secondary symptoms and health issues. Examples include loss of bowel or bladder control, respiratory illness, chronic pain, or sexual dysfunction.

A Bakersfield attorney understands the life-changing nature of a spinal cord injury and will advocate on an injured person’s behalf to prove liability and hold the individual responsible for their negligent actions.

The Effect of Comparative Negligence on Injury Cases

A strong case establishing the extent of the defendant’s negligent actions and the plaintiff’s injuries is crucial to recovering the maximum settlement award. According to the California Code of Civil Procedure § 1431.2, each party is financially responsible for paying their portion of the damages their actions cause. When the defendant’s case establishes that the plaintiff is partially responsible for their injuries, the court will reduce their settlement by their percentage of fault.

They will also diminish the settlement in cases they find there are other third parties at fault for the cause of action by their part of responsibility; however, the claimant can also initiate legal proceedings against those people for compensation. A hardworking lawyer in Bakersfield will conduct an extensive investigation into the accident that caused the spinal injury and build a compelling case for damages.

Compensation for Damages and Losses

After satisfying the requirements of negligence, the court will award a settlement to reimburse the plaintiff for monetary losses, such as healthcare costs and lost salary or benefits. The court can also award compensation for non-monetary damages, such as chronic pain, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, or permanent disabilities.

Schedule a Consultation With a Skilled Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Bakersfield

Although an accident that causes spinal cord damage will likely require ongoing medical care and assistance with handling daily tasks, you can still live a fulfilling life. Holding someone financially accountable for their carelessness could help you get the quality medical care you need while covering your living expenses.

A settlement could provide you and your family peace of mind while you begin recovery. Our seasoned and compassionate Bakersfield spinal cord injury lawyers can take the legal work, communications, and negotiations off your hands and fight for the fair outcome you deserve. Contact us today.