Bakersfield Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

When an accident caused by someone else severely or irreparably deprives you of your ability to walk, talk, or function as you once did, you may be entitled to compensation. Bringing a legal claim cannot undo the harm you experienced, but it could alleviate the financial burden of your injuries. Handling a lawsuit alone may interrupt your recovery process, so hiring a legal representative is vital.

Our experienced personal injury attorney has a team of outstanding advocates who fight for those who experience spinal cord injuries, brain damage, amputations, or other losses because of another person’s careless actions. A Bakersfield catastrophic injury lawyer will work with you and your family to develop an effective legal strategy and hold the at-fault party accountable.

What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is usually sustained in a severe accident, causing someone to experience irreversible or life-threatening harm. Injuries that qualify as catastrophic include spinal cord damage or amputation of an arm, leg, or finger. Likewise, cancer or other life-altering diseases caused by another person, such as a doctor, could justify a catastrophic injury claim.

These injuries often limit someone’s ability to engage with the world, including their friends and family, as they could before the incident. For example, someone could lose their eyesight or ability to walk. Sadly, some devastating injuries are fatal. Dedicated attorneys help Bakersfield residents by lending a compassionate ear and determining the proper course of legal action to take following a catastrophic injury.

Possible Compensation in Catastrophic Injury Cases

Under California Civil Code §§ 3281-3283, injured people can recover compensatory legal damages they have suffered because of someone else’s actions. They could also be entitled to recover additional costs when they can prove with reasonable certainty that they will incur future expenses for their injury. Future expenditures could include necessary, round-the-clock medical care.

The plaintiff’s compensation could account for surgeries, in-home modifications, prescription medications, and loss of income because of injury-related limitations. Because of the significant cost associated with catastrophic injuries, hiring a seasoned lawyer in Bakersfield is crucial.

How Long Do Injured People Have to Bring a Lawsuit for a Severe Injury?

California law restricts the time an injured person has to take legal action against an at-fault business, driver, individual, hospital, manufacturer, or other entity. The deadline depends on the allegations and whether their claim is against the government or a private party.

For example, anyone bringing a personal injury claim against an individual or company has two years under C.C.C. § 335.1 to file suit; however, they have substantially less time to file suit against a government entity under California Government Code § 911.2. A skilled lawyer in Bakersfield could help the plaintiff determine how long they have to bring a claim for their severe injury and help them take steps to do so.

Call an Attorney for Assistance After a Catastrophic Injury in Bakersfield

When negligent people cause others to experience life-altering losses, injured people should be able to hold them accountable under the law. When you suffer a severe loss because of someone else’s careless behavior, filing a legal claim could help you recoup the cost of your injuries.

Our personal injury firm has counseled countless individuals and families who have fallen victim to the conduct of others. We understand the significant impact it can have on a life, family, and community when someone experiences irreparable losses in a serious accident. Contact a Bakersfield catastrophic injury lawyer on our team to set up an initial consultation.