Oakland Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Whenever you experience an injury, no matter how minor, it can inconvenience you. You might have to go to the doctor, get stitches or a cast, take time off from going to the gym or working out, and perform a rehabilitation program. Depending on the type of work you perform, you might even have to take time off from your job until you get better.

But what happens when your injury is so severe that it will never get better? If you have a catastrophic injury, you need to make sure that you plan for the future for yourself and your family. A dedicated Oakland catastrophic injury lawyer cares about you getting the help you need while you focus on healing. Reach out to Valero Law Group today to begin working with a caring personal injury attorney.

What Makes an Injury Catastrophic?

Catastrophic injuries are life-altering and often result in long-lasting or permanent disabilities. These types of injuries limit a person’s mobility, functioning, or cognitive abilities. They can impair a person’s ability to move, live independently, or work. Spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, burns, loss of hearing or vision, amputations, paralysis, and organ damage are all examples of catastrophic injuries. This form of harm can occur from a variety of circumstances including:

Our compassionate Oakland attorneys understand how difficult living with a catastrophic injury can be and can work tirelessly to help you.

Possible Recoverable Damages After Experiencing a Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries almost always result in debilitating expenses. Affected people usually require ongoing medical care, such as surgeries, physical therapy, medication, and follow-up doctor’s appointments. They might also need assistive devices, such as wheelchairs and walkers, to help them move around. Some people need to renovate their homes to make them more handicapped accessible, while others need to move to assisted living centers or nursing homes where they can have around-the-clock care. Many catastrophic injury survivors are unable to return to the same line of work, resulting in less or no wage contributions. Their relatives might need to take time away from their own jobs to care for them, which could result in massive financial struggles for the entire family.

Our dedicated legal team of energetic attorneys can aggressively fight to get an injury survivor the compensation necessary to pay for the help they need. Some of the possible damages a catastrophic injury survivor could pursue might include:

  • Current and future anticipated medical bills
  • Lost wages, benefits, and future earning capacity
  • Caregiver expenses
  • Home remodeling or moving expenses
  • Cost of assistive devices, such as wheelchairs, prostheses, and other aides
  • Non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, diminished quality of life, emotional strain, and mental anguish

An Oakland attorney can work tirelessly to calculate a fair value of the catastrophic injury survivor’s total losses. Our legal team will then aggressively pursue a settlement figure that adequately compensates them for the effect the injuries have and will continue to have on their life in the future. If the other side is unwilling to offer a reasonable settlement, we are not afraid to litigate the case.

Contact an Oakland Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Catastrophic injuries can change your family. With help from Valero Law Group, you can try to rebuild your life. A successful resolution of a lawsuit against the people responsible for harming you could give you the money you need to pay for the best medical treatment and care.

Contact an Oakland catastrophic injury lawyer who is here to do the best they can to help you. If you cannot make it to the office, we will come to you.