Bakersfield Boat Accident Lawyer

California is a beautiful state with several bodies of water for boaters to take advantage of. Many residents enjoy time on the water fishing, participating in water sports, or spending the day with friends and family. While easy access to waterways has benefits, it increases the risk of serious accidents.

One thoughtless action can quickly turn a fun day in the sun into a tragic event with devastating consequences. A settlement for damages could be available when a careless boat operator causes you or someone you love to suffer severe bodily harm and losses.

Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys can fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Schedule an appointment with a Bakersfield boat accident lawyer to evaluate your legal options.

How Do Boating Collisions Occur?

Recreational boat crashes can be traumatic: The severity of the injuries will depend on specific factors of the case. Accidents happening without warning or at high speeds often result in life-threatening or fatal injuries. Common causes of boating collisions include:

  • Distractions or careless boat operation
  • Failing to comply with safety rules and regulations of the waterways
  • Boating during storms and other inclement weather conditions
  • Improper boat maintenance or defective equipment
  • Intoxication from alcoholic beverages or controlled substances
  • Speeding or reckless boating maneuvers
  • Failure to yield to oncoming watercrafts
  • Lack of safety equipment in the event of emergencies

A knowledgeable lawyer in Bakersfield can determine how a watercraft accident occurred and collect the evidence needed to prove fault.

Available Damages for Bakersfield Injury Cases

The court usually awards compensation within two categories after the plaintiff proves the other party is guilty: economic and noneconomic damages.

Economic damages include financial losses the injured person establishes through documentation, law enforcement reports, or witness statements. The settlement could cover medical expenses, ongoing treatment, lost pay, benefits, or earning potential. Noneconomic damages do not have a fixed value, such as pain and suffering, permanent disability, or emotional distress.

Recreational Boating Safety Rules and Regulations

Life jackets are crucial to helping boaters and passengers stay safe during emergencies, and the lack of safety vests is the most significant of boating deaths. According to The California Division of Boating and Waterways, operators and passengers should wear life jackets, regardless of age or swimming abilities.

Most water vessel collisions happen suddenly and without warning. Putting the jackets on when already in the water is difficult, especially after people suffer bodily harm or are feeling the effects of shock from the unforeseen event. Except for a few exceptions, kids under 13 must wear life vests at all times while riding as passengers on moving boats; exceptions to this rule include:

  • Children may remove the life jacket while in a water vessel’s closed cabin
  • The regulations do not require kids wearing sailboat harnesses to wear water vests
  • Life-preserving equipment and vests are not necessary for kids on boats after emergency rescues

A Bakersfield attorney could investigate the watercraft collision to determine compliance with regulations and the validity of the claim.

Call a Seasoned Boat Accident Attorney in Bakersfield For Help

A wonderful day of relaxation and making new memories can quickly turn disastrous when negligence is involved. While boating is enjoyable, safe operation requires following the safety rules and regulations and caution to avoid causing crashes and harming people.

An award for damages could cover your financial expenses for medical care and lost salary and damages more challenging to establish, such as pain and suffering. Speak to our hard-working Bakersfield boat accident lawyers today to discuss your case.