Bakersfield Dog Bite Lawyer

Unfortunately, aggressive dogs can cause unsuspecting victims to experience severe injuries, such as skin tears, dangerous infections, or mental trauma. When someone else’s dog bites you, you may be able to hold them accountable in court, demanding the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

A Bakersfield dog bite lawyer can work with you to alleviate your burden and help prepare you for the litigation process. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have a deep-rooted knowledge of California’s civil laws and will fight for a favorable outcome for your case. We understand how to effectively defend these claims in the courtroom and during negotiations with frustrated pet owners unwilling to settle with you.

What Is California’s Dog Bite Law?

Under California Civil Code § 3342, dog owners are responsible for any damage their pets cause to other people, regardless of whether the animal has a history of aggressive behavior. Additionally, this blanket of liability covers situations where the pet is on public or private property. The primary exceptions to this rule include whether the injured person was trespassing or the canine works for the police and bit someone on the job—for example, during an arrest.

A seasoned lawyer could help injured people in Bakersfield determine whether they have a cause of action against the owner of the canine that bit them. They can review the facts of the case and use their understanding of state and local law to assess whether filing a legal claim is possible or advisable.

Common Injuries After Being Attacked by a Canine

Anyone attacked by a vicious dog can suffer a range of injuries, including puncture wounds, tears, broken bones, soft tissue damage, and sprains. Because dogs use their mouths to pick up objects on the ground, they tend to carry harmful bacteria and viruses, such as capnocytophaga and rabies. Anyone bitten by an animal could develop these diseases, which can become life-threatening, especially when the injured person has a compromised immune system.

The injured individual may have to undergo costly and invasive medical treatments, such as surgery or stitches, to address their injuries. In the meantime, they may be unable to work or live as they did before the incident. A Bakersfield attorney advocates for those bitten by canines, helping them maximize the compensation they receive for their injuries.

When Does Someone Have to File a Claim for a Dog Bite?

Under California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1, most people who experience canine bites have two years to bring a lawsuit for damages; however, an exception could apply, giving the plaintiff additional or less time. For example, those filing suit against the government may have six months to take legal action under California Government Code § 911.2.

Determining what deadline applies to an injured person’s case is crucial, as waiting too long could bar the plaintiff from recovering compensation. A diligent attorney in Bakersfield will help identify what statute of limitations applies to a plaintiff’s dog attack case and ensure they meet applicable deadlines.

A Dog Attack Attorney in Bakersfield Can Help

Being assaulted by a dog can be a terrifying experience, causing you to suffer extensive—and sometimes lifelong—injuries. Fortunately, you may have the right to stand up against the injustice you experienced and recoup your losses. With the help of a skilled attorney, you can hold the animal’s owner accountable for your injuries.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable team of attorneys understands the struggles you are experiencing after getting bit by a canine; we are here for you during this difficult time. Contact a Bakersfield dog bite lawyer to set up a consultation.