Bakersfield Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You work hard to earn a living and support your family. That said, you deserve payments when you get hurt on the job. Fortunately, California’s workers’ compensation laws enable non-governmental employees to receive benefits when they suffer a workplace injury, such as a broken arm, cancer, injured back, or other conditions.

When you need benefits to cover your healthcare costs or lost wages due to a work injury, a Bakersfield workers’ compensation lawyer will work to maximize your chances of receiving compensation. Our experienced attorneys have helped many workers throughout the Bakersfield area fight for what they deserve under the law and could help you do the same.

Who Is Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Under California law, workers can collect benefits when they are an employee of a non-governmental organization and experience a workplace injury; however, not all workers qualify. For example, anyone who works for their immediate family members or a nonprofit organization may not be eligible for benefits.

Likewise, independent contractors or freelance workers cannot file workers’ comp claims. Determining whether someone is an independent contractor requires analyzing the employee’s job. For example, the hours someone works, how and when they get paid, and how they complete projects, all play a role in correctly classifying someone as an employee or a freelancer.

Employees must also prove their injury is job-related and not due to an incident that happened off the clock. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney in Bakersfield can help an injured employee determine whether their employers’ policies cover their injuries. They can also investigate the employee’s situation to determine their options for recovery, such as filing a benefits claim with their employer or the court when applicable.

What Benefits Can Someone Receive for a Job Injury?

California law gives injured workers the ability to collect several types of benefits, depending on their situation, including:

  • Money to cover their injury-related medical expenses
  • Disability benefits that supplement or replace your lost wages
  • Vouchers to participate in retraining or skill development if someone cannot perform their pre-injury job requirements
  • Death benefits if their loved one dies because of a condition caused by their employment

What the injured worker can receive and for how long depends on their disability or impairment rating. For example, someone who has a partial disability that doctors expect to last for a short amount of time will likely receive less benefits than someone whose injuries leave them permanently disabled. As the injured worker moves through the recovery process, their doctor will reevaluate their condition to determine their level of function.

The amount someone receives in wage replacement benefits is usually two-thirds of their weekly average income. A dedicated lawyer can help injured workers in Bakersfield estimate what employee benefits they may be entitled to under the applicable laws. They can also help the claimant negotiate fair settlements with employers and insurance agents.

Call a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Bakersfield After a Job-Related Injury

Getting hurt while working can lead to physical, mental, and financial setbacks for you and your family. The workers’ compensation system helps you get the financial support you need while you recover from job-related injuries. When you have questions or need help completing paperwork or responding to a denial notice, consider hiring our experienced attorneys.

Our firm is proud of the tireless work we do for those who acquire injuries while on the job. We take a personalized approach to helping clients and treat them with compassion while providing outstanding legal support when they need it most. Contact a Bakersfield workers’ compensation lawyer on our team to schedule a consultation.